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Olla Bottle with Lid

New and Improved Olla Bottles. We are now glazing the tops of the bottles! This will help with ox...

New and Improved Olla Bottles. We are now glazing the tops of the bottles! This will help with oxidation and chipping. They will be dark green for as long as our glaze lasts and could vary in color after that.

These are back by popular demand. Our tall version of the Olla. This piece is made out of Terra Cotta clay and fired in a kiln. It is approximately 10" tall and 3" round. This Olla comes with a Terra Cotta lid as well. This is an ancient way of watering your plant manually, and not having to rely on automatic drip, or hand watering your plant. The roots will take what they want from the Olla. You just need to check it from time to time to refill the water. It's very handy not only for saving water, but getting water to a plant, tree or bush that you can't tend to with traditional drip, sprinklers or hose.

After full saturation, The 10" holds approximately 6 cups of water, 12'' approximately 8 cups and the 14" approximately 10 cups.

You will want to fill the size of your choice with water, and go back after a minute or two and top it off with about another half a cup of water.

We sell out of these as fast as we can make them, therefore it could take about 10 days to get it made and then shipped out.

Water seeps through the walls of an unglazed olla, these OLLAS can be used to irrigate plants. The OLLA is buried in the ground next to the roots of the plant to be irrigated, with the neck of the olla extending above the soil. The olla is filled with water, which gradually seeps into the soil to water the roots of the plant. Bury the OLLA with enough of the neck exposed so that soil and mulch do not wash into the pot. We have found that leaving 2-3 inches above ground/mulch level has worked well. It is an efficient method, since no water is lost to evaporation or run-

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